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A long standing favourite in the community, Mitch’s Restaurant & Bar has been serving delicious quality dishes to the people of Drayton Valley for years. At Mitch’s, the culinary team takes pride in using fresh, quality sourced ingredients to craft dishes that bring customers back time and time again. When you come to Mitch’s, your will be greeted with a smile by our friendly staff and feel at home in our casual, family friendly atmosphere. So if you are looking for a place to have a family celebration, or just a casual night out with friends, you can count on Mitch’s.

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About Us

As the cornerstone of Dodson Plaza for 45 years, Mitch’s restaurant has always been an integral part of the Drayton Valley community.

Originally opening in 1976 as Our Place, the establishment started as a quaint corner restaurant. With the growth of Drayton Valley in the ‘80s, the business was sold in 1983 and rebranded as Skyros until it was purchased again in 2007 and re-opened as Mitch’s restaurant.


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