As the cornerstone of Dodson Plaza for 45 years, Mitch’s restaurant has always been an integral part of the Drayton Valley community.

Originally opening in 1976 as Our Place, the establishment started as a quaint corner restaurant. With the growth of Drayton Valley in the ‘80s, the business was sold in 1983 and rebranded as Skyros until it was purchased again in 2007 and re-opened as Mitch’s restaurant.
Joining the restaurant in 2011, Raj and his family moved into the community and began to meet the amazing locals that call Drayton Valley home. Finding inspiration in various people and things, Raj thrived on being part of the local community and connecting with each and every one of his regular customers. With a desire to replicate the same hospitality he experienced from others, Raj, and his team of twenty plus hardworking employees, focused on guest satisfaction, making Mitch’s a place where everyone will always feel welcomed and customers are treated like family.
Customer satisfaction is paramount, and as a hotel management graduate with over 18 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Raj has always believed that the best will come back to you when you give the best of yourself. His mission is to not only have great-tasting food and drinks but to have friendly service and a cozy atmosphere that encourages you to stay as long as you want.
Great food with great service creates a value-added experience.
Mitch's Restaurant Team


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